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Where Technology and Tradition Intersect

lith·os /ˈlīTHōs/ (meaning "stone")

A LITHOS Diamond is created using cutting edge CVD and HPHT technology.

Carbon is refined into its purest form- the diamond- and expertly shaped by master diamond cutters in our dedicated facility. The finest in lab created diamonds, LITHOS are small batch cut to exacting standards from premium CVD diamond rough. Our top quality rough is double processed for the whitest color, only the best stones are created for our signature Distinctive collection. The LITHOS Distinctive collection is where we push the boundaries of cutting edge shapes and the limits of design- creating a completely unique, one of a kind and special diamond. Our distinctive cut stones all go through an exclusive HPHT finishing process to ensure the whitest diamond color- no tinges of brown, blue, or grey commonly found in low end lab diamonds.

LITHOS premium lab grown diamonds are not only a more ethical and sustainable choice when compared to earth mined diamonds, they are a statement of individuality crafted forever in carbon. 

The LITHOS Distinctive Diamond.

A LITHOS Diamond

Only a genuine LITHOS Distinctive Diamond is laser inscribed with our logo and IGI certificate number.